Who is Hemi-Cal Got Bang?

Song Writer & Music Producer

Hemi-Cal Got Bang is a professional songwriter and music producer. He currently resides in Memphis, TN. He has had the wonderful opportunity to produce music for the National Geographic Channel and Sky 1 TV. He is currently pursuing more opportunities to have his music heard around the world. He has been creating music for 12 years. He started as an artist, but after discovering how challenging it was to find a producer that had the sound he wanted, he began producing music for himself, which led to creating music for other artists. He always wanted to be the best he can be in whatever he does. This hunger pushed him to enroll into the music production program at Full Sail University. Through this program he learned music theory, which he feels took his music to another level. They also taught him the proper way to mix and master songs for commercial release as well as for broadcast. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree he still wanted more. He wanted to learn the secrets of people who have a proven track record of creating hit songs. This led him to the Consortium MMT, which has taken his music to another level. He loves creating music! He always strives to leave all clients he works with satisfied and happy they chose to do business with him.